About us


With 10 years of experience in property law and conveyancing KLM Conveyancing provides clients with the confidence and assurance that the process will be conducted in a professional and timely manner. Kiani Mills is a Licensed Conveyancer who has had extensive training in both property law and conveyancing. Specialising in residential conveyancing and developments has given her the skillset required to complete any and all residential transactions. Located in Albert Park and CBD our professional and personable service stands out and provides comfort and trust to all clients and referrers. Moving home is stressful enough without having to worry about the legal process and whether your conveyancer is representing your interests correctly. If you have had a bad experience with a conveyancer or solicitor before, let KLM Conveyancing show you that sometimes, good things do come in smaller packages. We understand that for most people, buying a house involves an emotional investment as well as a financial one — we act accordingly to allay your fears and to make what can be a stressful situation, much more positive and enjoyable.


Our professional fees are fixed as at the initial conversation with the client and regardless of what takes place during the transaction will remain the same at the completion of the file. No hidden surprises at settlement! Most Conveyancers will charge additional costs if; settlement is delayed, finance extensions are required, further documents are needed, extra attendances and excessive liaising is required in order to complete settlement or if simply the file deviates from a ‘standard’ conveyance. We do not believe that the client should be financially penalised in these circumstances as it is out of their control. This not only reiterates that we truly do have the client’s best interests at heart and put their needs before anything else, but gives clients a chance to budget and forecast to ensure they have ample funds to settle.