The Transferring Process:

  1. Advise you whether your transfer is liable to payment of stamp duty.
  2. If the transfer is liable to stamp duty, instruct you to arrange a market appraisal be completed on the property by a licensed Real state Agent (a market appraisal is required by the Office of State Revenue).
  3. If the transfer is exempt from stamp duty, prepare the stamp duty exemption forms to be signed by you.
  4. Draft the property title transfer documents and send them to you to be signed.
  5. Review your lending arrangements and liaise with the lender to ensure that they will be ready for settlement.
  6. Attend to lodgement of Transfer for stamping together with stamp duty exemption forms or cheque for payment of stamp duty.
  7. Attend settlement and ensure that all Title Documents are in order.
  8. Pay the settlement monies to the transferor (if applicable).
  9. For purchasers without a mortgage, lodge the Transfer with the Land Titles Office and then send you your Title when it has been registered
  10. Send you a final reporting letter.
  11. Retain your file for 7 years, making it easier for you to provide us with instructions if you decide to sell your property.